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Coming Soon-Shadow Vs. Sonic :The Epic Battle:

2007-10-02 17:54:21 by Bad-Hero

Shadow Vs. Sonic :the epic battle: is on its way to completion, its being created by Bad-Hero and Tomajko.

Coming Soon-Shadow Vs. Sonic :The Epic Battle:


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2007-10-05 09:08:05

This should be amazing!


2007-10-13 14:33:31

Yeah, I'm done with my scenes now. I'll have to wait awhile to give them to you though :(. You know, cause the internet situation.

Bad-Hero responds:

yeah np.


2007-10-20 19:04:04

hury up guys im dieing in anticipation

Bad-Hero responds:

haha srry there have been some minor inconveniences